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This music is on popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Tidal, etc.    Just click one of these links, or search whichever platform you use for 'Joe Yeatman'
Standing Free - Cover.png
Standing Free

A collection of moving and deeply relaxing instrumentals, all performed on either Native American style flutes (NAF) or North American rim-blown flutes (specifically Mojave flutes).  Each of these tunes were previously released separately, but they make a powerful collection of ambient, dreamy music when grouped together.  So here it is - "Standing Free".
Cover - Woodland Spirit, Prairie Heart.jpg
Woodland Spirit, Prairie Heart 
Solo Native American Flute

No backing tracks. No drums. No rattles. No nature sounds. Just flute. The flutes used on this album were made by Bryan Akipa, Hawk Henries, Hawk Littlejohn, Travis Jensen, Andrew Begay & Paul Thompson.
Wolf Moon Cover.jpg
Wolf Moon - Native American Flute 

... is an immersive, spiritual collection of Native Flute music with a very organic naturalistic vibe.  The title track sets this album's mood, blending real wolf calls, synth strings, and a melodic wolf riff on the Native American Flute.  

35 minutes of original music over 9 tracks.
A Flute Story - Album Cover.jpg
A Flute Story
... tells of a young man who loved the chief's daughter, but couldn't catch her eye until he was taught about the flute by Woodpecker, and was able to win her with its special song.

The title track is the narrated story.  The others are musical interpretations of elements of the spoken story.
On The Other Side

... is a celebration of finally seeing the light on the other side of the COVID tunnel.  ​  

Over 52 minutes across 10 tracks.
Body and Soul

... is a collection of relaxation / meditation music pairing the Native American Flute with the Indian Tanpura.  Each track is focused on a different musical key, and the associated chakra.  ​  

Over 42 minutes across 8 tracks.
Together Alone

... is the product of 2020's isolation.    The concept is 'playing together' as in duets, harmonies, call & response - but doing it alone, using drones, multiple tracks, or simply playing with an echo.    

Approximately 50 minutes across 10 tracks.

... is a celebration of restoration.  It was recorded using a Coyote Oldman flute, which was broken in two, then restored beautifully by Michael Graham Allen.  

Unbroken includes 14 original songs plus a rendition of Amazing Grace.
Songs Of Turtle Island


... is a collection of Native American Flute songs celebrating natural elements of Mother Earth.  Songs are blended with nature sound recordings of the ocean, a lake shore, a Summer storm, and more.


According to Native oral tradition, all the land is held up out of the great water on the back of a giant turtle. 

Dreamtime Traveler

The music on Dreamtime Traveler was acoustically 'designed' to initially catch your attention, taking your mind off of other matters, then slowly lull you to sleep as the tunes become less lively and in deeper tones.

10 tracks of Relaxation Music on the solo Native American Flute.

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