My wife says I'm obsessed with the Native Flute.  I say "I'm enthusiastic".  I suppose it's a matter of perspective.    It's true that I do spend a significant amount of time in flute-related activities and thoughts, but I manage to function in other areas too.  So that's not 'obsessed'...  Right?

I am a flute musician.  I collect flutes from both Native and non-native makers.  I make and sell Native American 'style' flutes.  I instruct (mostly beginners) in playing the NAF.  I occasionally put on workshops introducing the flute to groups.  These are informative mini-concerts with a combination of flute playing and story telling.  I have written 2 flute books: one on making, and one on playing.  And I attend multiple 'flute circles' routinely.  

Like I said, I'm not obsessed... Right?

Joe Yeatman - Unbroken - Flute.jpg
Nominated by One World Music Radio for Best Flute Album of 2020


The Best Album winner was 'Into The Woods' by Douglas Morton and Russ Jones.   It was an honor to be nominated and considered.  Congrats Russ!

Jonny's Flute Reviews

In this YouTube video, Jonny Lipford demonstrates and reviews 3 of my Yucca Flutes.  


I don't know how they discovered me, but this is an interview by an Italian blog site.   

It's my favorite of the interviews/articles.

Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance

SAACA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, preservation and advancement of the Arts.  Their Undercover Arts magazine is dedicated to cultural leadership, community development, makers, creatives and artists in Southern Arizona.

This particular issue was dedicated to the craftsmen/makers in the field.  I was interviewed as a local NAsF maker.

World Flute Society

WFS celebrates the musical and cultural expressions of the world's indigenous and folk flute traditions.

I was interviewed as a maker and player, for the Feb 2020 edition of their publication 'Overtones!'.

(This link is to an excerpt from Overtones!.  The original document is a members-only item on WorldFluteSociety.com)

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