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1. Introduction to Playing the Native American Flute

I can teach most people the basics in one single session.  As a complete beginner, you will learn how the flute works, how to blow the essential notes, play the pentatonic minor scale, and maybe play a basic scale song.

This single session is designed for the absolute novice.  I mean maybe you just bought your first Native American style flute and haven't even taken it out of the box yet.  After this session, you will be able to grow as a flute player on your own (although most beginners benefit greatly from some additional guidance.)

This intro lesson is $60 for individuals, or $40 each for groups of 4 or more.

2. Walking Kokopelli's Path

Walking Kokopelli's Path is designed for beginners, but is delivered as a series of lessons, not just a single session.  You will learn the very basics (if necessary), then will progress to less-basic skills.  This instruction teaches you what you will need to go beyond the introductory material, and will help you become much more self-sufficient as you go further on Kokopelli's path.

Walking Kokopelli's Path is $35 per lesson for individuals, or $25 each for groups of 4 or more.

3. Becoming More Musical

As you become an intermediate player, you may find that your playing has fine technique but lacks something.  You know how to play, and do various embellishments, but mostly your playing time is little more than "noodling" on your flute.  What's missing is often "musicality".  We will discuss and practice things such as dynamics, motifs, phrasing, song structures, etc.   All of this will open up the door to not just playing, but playing songs.  Songs with emotion.   Songs that your audience won't know are heartsongs (improvisations).

Becoming More Musical sessions are $45 for individuals, or $35 for groups of 4 or more.

The Native American flute is wonderfully easy to learn, beautifully calming to play and listen to, and actually used in multiple areas of therapy.  The NAF isn't difficult to learn or play, but most new players do much better with some personal instruction.

I offer 3 types of instruction...

Private or Group Instruction
Delivery Method

For reasons of convenience, privacy, and distance, the instruction described above is done through Facebook Video Chat for individuals, and Zoom for groups.  You will need a computer and monitor, NOT a smart phone, and probably not an iPad.  It's important that you can see my fingers clearly and as largely as possible. 


Naturally, you'll also need an internet connection, a web-cam, and a Facebook account if you are taking lessons as an individual.  For group sessions, I'll set it up with my Zoom account, and you will just have to join the session through your web browser.

For Tucson locals, I'm not opposed to meeting in person, but I don't have a suitable location.  If you do, let me know.

How To Get Started

Contact me and let me know what you're interested in and when.  We'll collaborate over email to nail down the details.  Then I'll send you my personal PayPal link.  You can pay from your own PayPal balance, or with a credit card.  I'm also fine with personal checks, although that slows things down somewhat.

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