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What is a House Concert?

Well, it's a concert, in a house.    House Concerts are invitation-only performances that you host in your home.  You offer your guests an up-close, intimate music experience, and show your support for the artist in a very direct way. They provide a musical experience you just can't get in a larger venue.

Basically, you host the event and invite your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc., much like you would for a party.  But rather than just milling around and visiting, your guests are treated to a private performance of Native American flute music (performed by yours truly).

There may either be a suggested donation or a tip jar, or both.  The money collected all goes to the performer (me).  This keeps you from being seen as a business or commercial enterprise.  That in turn, keeps the IRS, the HOA, and city zoning folks off your back.

A Good Host

As the host, you set the date, manage the invites and RSVPs, and provide the venue.  Naturally that means providing enough seating for everyone.  It's your call, but House Concert hosts also usually provide some light snacks, finger food, and/or beverages.  Keep in mind that you also need to accommodate parking and potty breaks.

This is a private concert, not a cocktail party with background music.  So please communicate to your guests to arrive on time, and be attentive during the performance.  Set the expectation early that a donation is customary.  Between $10 and $20 is normal, and depends on how much support you want to offer the artist.

I'd appreciate if it you would do an introduction when it's time for the music to start.  I'll give you a bio in advance.

Money Matters

House Parties are private, invitation-only, intimate gatherings with a concert.  Rather than buying tickets, your guests make a donation when they arrive, which goes directly to the artist.  I want to make a decent wage, so I have set a minimum.  As the host, try to manage the guest list so that at least the minimum is met.  If attendance (and donations) fall short, be prepared to contribute the rest.

Scheduling and Duration

I like to do 2 sets of around 30 minutes each, with a break in between of about 10 or 20 minutes.  During this break, everyone can refill snacks or drinks, visit, buy CDs, or take a potty break.

Ask your guests to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to music time, so they have time to visit, make their donations, get a snack, and find a seat.  I will arrive 45-60 minutes prior to music time, so I can set up, then mingle a bit with your guests.

Afterwards, I'll hang around a while in case any guests want to talk about the music or the flutes, or buy CDs.

... So How To Get Started

Take a few minutes to fill out this form and tell me about the event you would like to host.  Then I'll look it over and get back to you so we can discuss the details.

House Concert Info

Thanks.  I'll be in touch soon.
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