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15 tracks of Relaxation Music on the solo Native American Flute.


What was broken is whole again.  What was asunder is re-joined.


Unbroken is a celebration of restoration.  It is a collection of 15 songs played on a Coyote Oldman flute, which was broken in two, then restored beautifully by Michael Graham Allen.  The repair was a long time in the works, but a resounding success.  These songs are a testament to the quality of Coyote Oldman flutes, and of MGA's expertise and care.

Unbroken includes 14 original songs plus a rendition of Amazing Grace, all on the solo Native American Flute.

Joe Yeatman - Unbroken - Flute.jpg

If you don't see the album and tracks below, please turn on 'Third Party Cookies' in Chrome, or try a different web browser.  Firefox and iPhone seem better than Chrome for some reason ...  

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