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Body and Soul is a collection of relaxation / meditation music pairing the Native American Flute with the Indian Tanpura.  Each track is focused on a different musical key, and the associated chakra.

  • Thousand Petals - B - Crown Chakra

  • I am - A - Third Eye Chakra

  • Especially Pure - G - Throat Chakra

  • Higher Heart - F# - Higher Heart Chakra

  • A Heart Unhurt - F - Heart Chakra

  • Lustrous Gem - E - Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Flow Like Water - D - Sacral Chakra

  • Red Lotus - C - Root Chakra

If you don't see the album and tracks below, please turn on 'Third Party Cookies' in Chrome, or try a different web browser.  Firefox and iPhone seem better than Chrome for some reason ...  

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