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Resell CD's at Your Retail Site
  • Very low minimum order for in-stock CD's

  • Follow MSRP or set your own price

  • You price / you sticker

  • Professionally manufactured

  • Shrink wrapped

  • Free Demo CD available*

Demo CD Only
If you would like to play this music at work but don't want to sell it, consider a not-for-resale Demo CD.  
  • Single CD at reduced price

  • Packaged for in-store use

* Depending on order size
* Minimum wholesale order for Out Of Stock CD's is 25 copies per title.


  • According to CloudCover Music: A 1982 study found that playing slow music in a store leads to more time spent in the storefront browsing merchandise, and this translated into an associated 32% increase in sales.

  • In a 2011 study, the harmony or melody of the music, influencing whether it was perceived as happy or sad – also influenced how much shoppers spent in stores. When the music was in the major scale, but at a slower tempo, customers did not buy as much; however, when minor scales were used (such as with the Native American Flute) and the tempo was slower, shoppers purchased more.

  • And in 1999, the role of music in the restaurant environment was examined. Researchers found that slower music led to more time spent at the table, which increased how much the diners purchased.

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