Thank You to friends, family, listeners, backers, and supporters of all types.  

KickStarter Rewards for Backers

If you are one the backers of my KickStarter campaign, I owe you a special thanks.  Your support in this campaign helped me bring my second album 'Songs of Turtle Island' to CD, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more.

KickStarter Information

The KickStarter campaign for 'Songs of Turtle Island' has concluded - successfully.  Pledges have been collected, and I have used those funds for production, publishing, and distribution costs. 

If you chose a reward level that includes a digital download of the album, I sent you a password.  Click on the album above and use your password to listen to and download 'Songs of Turtle Island'.  


The new CD's have also been distributed to backers who chose that type of reward.

Follow Me On Spotify

Another great way to show your support is to follow me on Spotify.  They pay a lot of attention to how many 'followers' an artist has.  They also count the number of times an artists songs are played/streamed on Spotify.  And they pay close attention to how many times an artist's songs or albums are added to listeners' Play Lists.  

All of those things are instrumental in raising Spotify's awareness of an artist, and promoting the artist in the play lists and promotions that Spotify does - without which, there can be no success on Spotify.

Click the Follow button below to support me by following my music on Spotify.  Or click the graphic below to listen to my music on Spotify.  While you're there, please add a song or two to a personal Play List, or create a new one.  Thank you very much.