Native Flute Playlists

Here is a collection of Native American Flute playlists.  Click the images to listen to these playlists on Spotify.

Top Native American Flute Songs

This Spotify playlist features the most popular Native American Flute songs (just 1 per artist) by some of the most popular Native American Flute players.

Over 2 1/2 hours of music by Mary Youngblood, Tony Duncan, R. Carlos Nakai, and many more.

She Plays a Flute   

An all-female list of Native American Flute musicians.  In some Native American cultures, the flute is reserved for men.  Today, that wall is down and many gifted women play the Native American flute with passion and beauty.  

2 hours of Native Flute music by female players, including Marina Raye, Joanne Lazzaro, Jessita Reyes, Mary Youngblood, and others.

On The Rim​

The haunting and soulful sounds of North American rim-blown flutes.  Specifically, the Mojave and Anasazi flutes.  

Over 90 minutes of instrumental rim-blown flute music by the likes of Peter Phippen, Gary Stroutsos, Byron Metcalf, and Coyote Oldman.  

Native American Sheep Sleep Music


Count your sheep to a mellow backdrop of relaxing music performed on the Native American Flute.  This may be the most-perfect sleep mix.

3 hours 40 minutes of the most relaxing music you can find, featuring relaxing melodies by many of the best NAF players around.

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All music and background photo of Gates Pass © 2020 by Joseph A. Yeatman