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Here is a collection of playlists on Spotify where my music can be found.   If you curate a playlist and have put me on it, please let me know so I can include a link to your list here.

This is Joe Yeatman

A sampling of some of my music on the Native American Flute.  

17 songs with a play time of about 50 minutes.

Top Native American Flute Songs

This Spotify playlist features the most popular Native American Flute songs (just 1 per artist) by some of the most popular Native American Flute players.

Over 2 1/2 hours of music by Mary Youngblood, Tony Duncan, R. Carlos Nakai, and many more.

On The Rim​

The haunting and soulful sounds of North American rim-blown flutes.  Specifically, the Mojave and Anasazi flutes.  

Over 90 minutes of instrumental rim-blown flute music by the likes of Peter Phippen, Gary Stroutsos, Byron Metcalf, and Coyote Oldman.  

Native American Sheep Sleep Music


Count your sheep to a mellow backdrop of relaxing music performed on the Native American Flute.  This may be the most-perfect sleep mix.

3 hours 40 minutes of the most relaxing music you can find, featuring relaxing melodies by many of the best NAF players around.

Spa Retreat: Healing Flute for Massage, Reiki and Energy Work

A Spotify playlist by Sherry Finzer

Spacious flute instrumentals for relaxation, contemplation, massage, spa, sleeping, studying, healing and concentration.  

Spirit Songs

A Spotify playlist by Russ Jones

5 hours of music featuring Russ Jones, Peter Phippen, Aaron White, R. Carlos Nakai, and others.  

Ambient Soundscapes Sampler

A Spotify playlist by SoundArt: Brannan Lane  

Roughly 5 hours of ambient relaxation music.  

Native American Flute Music

A Spotify playlist by Nature by Nikki  

This collection is filled with nearly 18 hours of relaxing flutes.  No high pitched or exciting notes. Designed to be used for peace or sleep and is appropriate for therapeutic settings.  

Peaceful Flutes

A Spotify playlist by Chris Gurniak

A playlist for rest and relaxation.  

Tranquil Times

A Spotify playlist by Chris Gurniak

Unwind with flute, guitar and piano.  

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All music and background photo of Gates Pass © 2020 by Joseph A. Yeatman