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Play my music in your store, restaurant, lobby, spa or other commercial setting.   You can play it anywhere else for that matter, but it's the retail and commercial venues that are problematic.  You don't want to get slapped with an unexpected royalties payment by ASCAP's royalty cops.  The members-only playlist includes nearly my whole music catalog (8 albums and several singles), and is over 4 hours long.  And best of all, ASCAP and BMI won't hassle you over it.


Why bother?  Because...

  • Radio is full of commercials and DJ's.

  • You can't legally play Spotify or Pandora from your business, bar, restaurant, store, salon, etc.

  • Legal ways to do it (Soundtrack Your Brand AKA Spotify For Business) are much more expensive.

  • CD's are a hassle.

Login, or Sign Up.

After you sign up and confirm your email, login again and select a plan.

  • Free 1 Week Trial

  • $19.95 Monthly.  Cancel at any time.

Then log in whenever you want to play this music.

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