OH MY GOSH!!!! Just clicked on your album... and of course went to Star Beings because of the disscusion we are in on World Flute circle about horses and flutes, and this is so about my feelings about my horses in the sky.  And it sounds like a horse theme to open.  Man my universes just collided in a grand way! Feel free to link this song under my horse, Sunflower's photo - I would be honored.  I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes.  I wrote a poem of my horse's passing and this goes so well...oh my heavens... I am going to be listening to this all day.

Helen Yetman-Bellows / Equestrian and Flute Player / Re 'Star Beings'

The thing I'd add is this... "This may be the most stressful time in our history.  Join me in finding peace..."  Otherwise wow!  Wow!

Michael Barns / Mental Health Counselor / Re Dreamtime Traveler Album

Really nice playing, Joe. Made me sigh and relax in the middle of a stressful day

Kristen Weyrick-Scott / Native Flute collector, maker, and musician / Re April Shower from Songs of Turtle Island

We are lookiing forward to receiving your CD (Songs of Turtle Island) and sharing it with members of our tribe, many of whom play (or play at) the flute. Some actually make them. Your Stream video reminded us of the waterfall on our tribal grounds.

Ron & Elizabeth Howard / Echota Cherokee / Re 'Stream' on Songs of Turtle Island

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